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Neon offers three things: Coaching, Leadership Development and Consulting. We work at depth with our clients to maximise organisational health and performance.





At Neon we specialise in providing coaching services at senior levels to individuals and teams who want to reach the next level of impact and performance.  We seek out clients who share our passion for creating new ways of being in business, and who seek a radical shift in themselves and in the teams and organisations they lead.


Our coaching focuses on in-depth emotional journeys that look at questions of personal purpose, connection with self and others, personal awareness and impact and how these link to your leadership role and organisational context.


Our core coaching services are:

  • Executive coaching for individuals
  • Executive team coaching
  • Conflict coaching in the workplace

Leadership development

Leaders set the tone for an organisation.  At Neon we acknowledge the particular contribution to leadership made by those at the most senior levels. However, we see leadership as distributed and shared across all levels.  In our view everyone has a contribution to make to the climate that is created.  Everyone makes an impact.  We also believe that organisational transformation happens from the inside out.  Real leaders look for the change within themselves, before looking to inspire it in others.


Central to Neon’s work and our perspective on healthy organisations, teams and individuals is our Four Cs leadership philosophy.


Our core leadership development services are:

  • Diagnostics of leadership culture through tools such as The Leadership Circle Profile
  • Design and facilitation of powerful, experiential leadership development events and programmes for leadership teams and cohorts of leaders


Culture change is the focus of our consulting work.  Our approach is based on our experience of working with so many organisations who are struggling with disengagement, low energy and mistrust, and who are looking to achieve a step change in energy and performance.

Our view is that a new way of being in business is required, a way that is more relational, more purposeful, more balanced between being and doing and more inviting of the whole self.

Our core consulting services are:

  • Cultural diagnostics, including identification of energetic hot spots in your culture that can be used to tap into the best of what you have, focusing especially on the presence of the Four Cs
  • Design and delivery of interventions to help build new cultural ‘norms’
  • Design of interventions to build a more coaching culture in organisations

The Four Cs of Neon Leadership

Louise Wallwork, HR Director, Applied Intelligence

“I’ve worked with Kate on several occasions in the past few years, on projects including team development and culture change. Kate approaches her work with an equal dose of expertise and passion. She is curious, insightful and challenging – skilled at getting to the heart of issues with teams and individuals alike, bringing her knowledge of the very latest thinking and practices in organisational behaviour”.



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